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Grease is indistinguishable from lubricating oil

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  Fifth, the construction of lubrication equipment. Grease-lubricated equipment is relatively simple to construct, which simplifies design and reduces investment. In addition, the footprint of the lubrication system is quite small and the lubrication points are set very flexibly. When it is put into operation, maintenance and management costs can also be saved. Some precision instruments, meters, and electronic equipment do not allow a dedicated lubrication system because they have a small internal space. They require long life and often rely on grease for lifetime lubrication. Lubricating oils need to be lubricated in a closed system. The structure of the lubricated equipment is also more complicated, and the investment and the floor space are also large. It is not suitable for semi-closed or non-closed lubrication parts.
  Sixth, protective performance. The grease will not be automatically lost from the surface of the guard due to its own weight, has the ability to maintain, and generally the grease layer is thicker than the oil layer, so the ability to prevent water or water vapor from penetrating the metal surface is also strong, and Can isolate acid, alkali, moisture, oxygen and water directly etch the work surface. Some greases will not be dissolved by chemicals, basic organic materials, fuels, and lubricating oils. The lubricating oil's protective ability is relatively poor, and can only play a certain protective effect in a short time.
  Seven, sealing performance. Grease prevents dust from entering the work surface, preventing impurities from mixing and wearing mechanical parts. For working parts such as bearings, where the space structure is complicated and the precision of the lubrication surface is relatively high, the grease can block dirt and impurities on the outer surface of the bearing and fill the major gaps to seal them. For some rough machinery such as agricultural tractors, harvesters, bulldozers, etc., the entire machinery is in contact with dirt and sand, and its rotating parts are lubricated with grease, which not only plays a role in lubrication, but also plays a role in sealing to some extent. . But lubricants do not have this ability.
  Eight, shock absorption. Due to the large viscosity and good oiliness of the grease, for some lubrication machines that often require changes in the direction of movement and high impact resistance, such as turning shafts, universal joints, and crushers, grease can be used. To a certain buffer shock absorption. Grease can also reduce noise on some components, such as gear transmissions, but overall, lubricating oils are poor at buffering and noise reduction.